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May 10, 2015

Once upon a time, my life used to be filled with time–or so it seems. Grazu.com used to boast posts from me at least once a week, if not more. But lately, I keep forgetting I have a blog. Things are so busy that if I have a moment of down time, you won’t find me at the computer. After all, in front of a computer screen is where I spend my regular life as I edit the final manuscript of my book, so it’s not where I long to spend my non-work time. Maybe someday I’ll get back into the blogging lifestyle, but for the moment this short post will have to suffice.

The reason for not blogging is good though, as we’re contentedly busy. To be honest, we’re so busy that Rokas hasn’t even had a moment to play polo–so when that happens, you know it’s really busy in our world! A life without polo ponies nuzzling your shoulder for sweet oats is a sad day indeed. I also have to admit that I miss blogging. So who knows. Maybe this summer will be the summer I get back to it. We’re planning to be in Lithuania and Israel for the month of June, so if I am not inspired to get back to writing by our second home and the Holy Land then there is no inspiration to be had!


DC, Spring 2015

In the meantime, we’re content with our busy DC lives.

As many of you know, I completed my doctorate last summer. Dr. B! Recently, I transitioned from being a Fellow at the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to working on a contract there at the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education. Every day I marvel at how amazing it is to have been offered the chance to manage a conference so perfectly in line with my academic training. We’re planning a major international Holocaust education conference, and even though we’re bringing 33 people from around the world in fall, it doesn’t seem like work at all. (Don’t you hate people who say that about their jobs? Me too, but it’s true!) All of this, of course, is in addition to writing my book. No rest for the wicked.

I thought finishing my PhD would mean never having to look at my research on Holocaust education in Lithuania again (we all get to the point where the only good dissertation is a done dissertation!), but I apparently forgot that books and articles don’t write themselves. So, my latest task for my “spare time” is working to edit my 500-page behemoth manuscript into bite-sized chunks. Anyone curious about my professional goings-on can find more information at my Professional Website, Baltic Scholar.

I have actually started to get excited about my book, as I realize I will be the first in the world to provide a book-length assessment of Holocaust education in Lithuania. The interest from publishers has even started to roll in, so for those chomping at the bit to get “in the know” about all things Lithuania, you should have your interests sated by 2016!


photo credit: USHMM

Rokas is still flexing his business development muscles around the region, and sometimes also in far-flung places like Dubai and Mumbai. He works on commercial banking deals I don’t fully understand, but I am clear that that DC market is different from the one in California, and that our construction boom is rolling along here apace. (Anyone who has looked at home prices in DC knows that’s the truth. Oy!) Rokas is also as dedicated as ever to expanding his reach both virtually and face-to-face for things to improve our DC community. Those who know Rokas know that they can always find him tweeting away on Twitter or planning events for local non-profits. Recently asked to serve as a founding board member for two new non-profits in DC keeps Rokas especially busy, but he always shares the wealth; invites to wonderful receptions and events for the most worthy of causes will always make it to your inbox. We have two great events coming up in May for Pebbles of Hope, an organization that provides resources to parents of premature babies, and Global Tassels, a great organization out of NYC that provides education to underserved youth in developing countries.

So, get out your party shoes. We’d love you to join us in helping make DC and the world a better place!

Rokas was also nominated as “Best Supervisor” for his work with The Washington Center Internship program!


At The Washington Center Awards for Intern Supervisors

And he was also asked to speak at a conference in Mumbai on how to work effectively with international teams. Good stuff!


The Gateway to India, Mumbai, 2015

The View of Mumbai from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, 2015

The View of Mumbai from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, 2015


Burj Khalifa, the Tallest Building in the World (163 stories), Dubai, UAE 2015


Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE 2015


He has also been making the rounds to provide his insights into business leadership a little closer to home. You can check out the Executive Leaders Radio CEO Program that he was recently on by clicking HERE.

Anyway, as you can see, there’s a reason the polo ponies haven’t seen us much. And people, too. Lots of people haven’t seen us lately as well, but we’re still here.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even carve out more time for updates on this blog, so stay tuned!

Until next time,

Christine (and Rokas)


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